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    Prior to 1858, with certain exceptions, wills for Durham & Northumberland folk were proved at Durham and are held at the University of Durham.  I have a copy of all these wills for Jop(b)lin(g), save for a few of the early ones which were transcribed in the book "The Jopling-Joplin Family" compiled by Dorothy Eason, Sarah Fricks and Lucille Adams (Library of Congress # 80-116026).  

    Post 1858 wills come under the jurisdiction of the Probate Service.  My index to post 1858 Jop(b)ling wills is incomplete, running later for Jopling than Jobling, but there are many to look at.  To see the index to the pre 1859 Northumberland & Durham wills and the Index to the post 1858 wills, click here.  You will find a summary of the will in the "Deaths" index on the BDM page in many cases.

I have made a summary of some of the early wills, which can be read here





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