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IGI or Parish Records, for the U.K.
see also B.D.M. (Births, Deaths & Marriages)


The Joplin(g)/Joblin(G) entries were taken from the IGI (the International Genealogical Index) at the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, USA and from Family Search on the Internet.  The best place to get the IGI entries is on the LDS Family Search site, as they will be more up to date, although they ceased to add to the IGI many years ago, but I have put my copies on this page to have it all together.  You can also find all the information you need about the IGI and other LDS resources on the Family Search site or at a local Mormon library, both of which are free.

I have taken the same records from different sources as sometimes the transcription varies, so you will find duplication. If in doubt check all the different sources.

Click here for the Parish Records for the UK

These records are taken from original records and the IGI.

Index to Durham Parish Records

These Parish Records from the IGI were also used on the BDM page for Births, Deaths & Marriages.


Australian IGI


German IGI


Parish Registers

In the mid 1980`s I got a print-out for the Jop(b)lings in the IGI from Salt Lake City.  From this I `reconstituted` the Parish Registers in a loose-leaf folder.  Armed with the folder and using the IGI entries as an index, I set off to spend a fortnight in Northumberland and Durham, looking up the original entries.  Several years later, I was in touch with Dr. Douglas Jopling.  He was very interested in family history and volunteered to put the parish register entries on computer, if I would lend him my folder.  He entered the data from the "County Durham" folder into a database, which was later converted for a PC and stored in "Paradox".  I have now exported the file to Excel & this is the file you will be viewing.  The headings need some explanation.  The left hand number is an Excel `entry` number.  Surname, age, forename, abode, parish, date, comment & memo are self explanatory.  `Year` is put in for `sorting` purposes.  `Event`is either a christening, marriage, internment or `D` for Durham Marriage Bond. M/F/H/W is an IGI heading and stands for `mother`, `father, `husband`, `wife`.  F/M/S/ is `father`, `mother` or spouse.  RIN, Freg 1 & Freg 2 are Dr. Jopling`s headings from the `Paradox` days.  To quote Dr. Jopling 

RIN No is just a sequential number allocated by Paradox.  The next two are links to other records that I put in a long time ago before I had a genealogy programme.  Freg 1 is the upward link (the RIN of the parents wedding),  Freg 2 is the downward link (RIN of wedding used to link to children).

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