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The D.N.A. Study.

The University of Leicester, Department of Genetics, carried out a study of the Jopling/Jobling (and variants) surname.  You can visit their web site  where the paper on the various surnames, including Jopling & variants, should appear shortly, as it was published recently.

I have started two DNA projects recently, one with FTDNA www.familytreedna.com/public/Jopling 

TO JOIN the FTDNA Project, click below, then SCROLL well down on the page which comes up:-

& one with Ancestry.com at


Please try to persuade at least ONE male from your branch to be tested.  Eventually we shall be able to get much further back in time than we can at present, given that so many records are lost & the difficulty in distinguishing between one John Jopling & another in the records.  The more Joplings we can link with DNA, the better able we shall be to take our particular branch back to the fifteenth century.  It is particularly important in branches where the male Jopling/Jobling line is going to end. 

Turi King's project has already shown that Joplings/Joblings do not have just one common ancestor.  It has also shown that a Joplin, a Jobling & a Jopling can all be related, the spelling is not significant.


This is a copy of the email I received originally from Turi King about the project.

Dear Ruth,

My name is Turi King and I am a PhD student working with Dr. Mark Jobling
at the University of Leicester on surnames and genetics.  You may have
heard the recent Radio 4 series on Genes, Genetics and Genealogy where
Mark was speaking.

One of the surnames we are interested in studying further is Jobling and
my father in law, who is a keen genealogist himself, directed me to the
one-name site and where you were listed as researching Jopling and

What we doing is choosing different surnames and studying them and their
variants in depth.  We hope to answer questions such as are these spelling
variants related to one another genetically ie. was there an original
founding Jopling and all variants are actually descendants of this founder
but with a different spelling?

If one of the surnames we are hoping to concentrate on actually has
someone researching it through one-name org, I am contacting them to see
if they can help us with information on how many trees there are, what is
known about the surname so far etc. and to see if they have any questions
which we might be able to answer using genetics regarding their surname
eg. are two separate branches, as yet unconnected with a paper trail,
indeed related.

You can find our website on www.le.ac.uk/genetics/maj4

I would be interested to know your thoughts on this.  Please do not
hesitate to contact me if I can provide further information.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,
Turi King


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