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Their Lives & Times

by Ruth Jopling

For all those interested in family history. Do you know how your ancestors lived? I was fascinated to learn what life was like for the peasants in feudal times, of the plotting & rebellion that followed decisions of the ruling monarch, of the hardships caused by plague & war. This true story takes place mainly in Northumberland & Durham, England & is illustrated by a branch of the Jopling family, who witnessed the pomp of royal visits, the desolation of a city fallen into enemy hands, the harsh punishment endured for their beliefs. Can you picture the clothes your ancestors wore, the cottages they lived in, life in the workhouse? What was it like to be a housewife, or a farmer? Can you imagine life in prison? The answers to all these questions are to be found within these pages, come, delve and share my fascination.

My book is published by Lulu. You can get to the book by clicking on "Their Lives and Times" above or you can go to www.lulu.com click on SHOP, then in the SEARCH box type Their Lives and Times by Ruth Jopling.  There is a paperback and an eBook version. You then have the option to read the first few pages.

The book contains a lot of early Jopling history as well as the history of the times in which they lived.  If you want to purchase, you can pay in dollars or pounds sterling. Be sure to have the flag of the country to which you want the book delivered, showing to the right of "Login/Register".  You will then be shown the price in the currency of that country & have it produced & posted locally.  If you have e.g. the Australian flag showing & you are in the UK, you will be charged in Australian dollars  & the book will be posted out to UK or wherever from Australia at a much higher cost. The eBook can be downloaded onto your computer.

By Ruth Jopling

Paperback, 340 Pages 

Their Lives & Times

Are you interested in family history? Do you want to know more about how your ancestors lived & were influenced by outside events? This true story takes place mostly in Northumberland & County Durham UK. There is a great deal of general information, but also specific information, which is illustrated by a branch of the Jopling family, descendants of Joseph Jopling and Deborah Angus. I have delved into many archives & local histories to dig out details of disputes, land ownership, scandals, treason & more. Hopefully you will be as fascinated as I was with what I found.


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