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Index of Births, Deaths & Marriages. 

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includes London 1588-1873, Durham 1564-1885, Northumberland 1589-1878, Yorks 1597-1892,
Hampshire 1682-1878,
Lancs. 1684-1895,
Minors 1583-1885,
Scotland 1795-1873,
GRO 1779-2004

Birth Certificates I hold
(see `Birth Certificate2`)

Vital Records Birth Index 1620-1901
Newcastle post 1837 BIRTHS

More births

You will also find Joplin(g) & Joblin(g) B. M. D. on the "Free BMD pages".  They are especially useful for finding the spouse for a marriage.  See too www.findmypast.co.uk 


Durham Marriage Bonds-
where `0`is given as `age` it signifies "of full age" i.e. actual age was not stated.

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Included are:-

Parish Marriages 1509-1939,
GRO 1837-1988,
 Marriage Certificates I hold
Vital Records 1596-1905
Paul Joiner Marriages for north UK,
Durham On-line index 1563-1985 (no spouse),
Newcastle Marriages 1837-1900,
Boyd's Marriage Index 1565-1832,
Durham Marriage Bonds 1664-1815,
 W.Yorks marriages 1817-1921. 
Misc Marriages etc. from English Origins has some Boyd's and some Licence Allegations.
Boyd`s Marriages 1565-1832



You will find much duplication.  If you do not find what you seek in one place, try another.

Durham Marriage Bonds.

Licenses were issued so that marriages could take place without banns being called.  This was useful for couples away from the home area, those who wanted to avoid the three week's wait the having the banns called involved.  It was regarded as a status symbol to be married by licence and kept the marriage private.  Durham Marriage Bonds run from 1594-1815

You will come across various abbreviations, such as Pg for Jopling, Bg for Jobling, Pn for Joplin and Jn for Joblin.  Others are more obvious, such as Ncl for Newcastle.  Please let me know if there are any you do not understand.  The Bonds are accessed as an Excel File, which downloads to the taskbar.  Click on it to `open`. The marriage licences seem to be applied for mainly by the better off, though there are one or two for `labourers`.

Boyd's Marriage Index

Index taken from parish registers, bishop's transcripts & marriage licences.  Boyd's index was divided by counties.  Seventy-two parishes in Durham were covered and eighty four in Northumberland. My copy is for the Jopling spelling only at present.



As with Births & Marriages, many different bodies have transcribed the surviving records & putting forward all that I have gathered, means you will find a lot of repetition. To find a death click first on "click here" below.  I suggest that if you are looking for a pre 1837 death, that you look first at `Parish Deaths`, which cover 1543-2005 & if looking for a post 1836 death you look first at `GRO old`, covering 1837- end 2005. The `Deaths` workbook contains pages as follows:-

G.R.O 1837-2004, G.R.O old 1837- to2005, G.R.O 1837-1915, Bg 1855-1915 (Bg denotes Jobling), Pg 1916-2007 (Pg denotes Jopling),
Pg 2007-2013, Honour Roll (WW1 &WW2), Honour Roll 2 from the War Graves Commission site.  Details shows the sort of detail you can find. NBI3 (National Burial Index) 1543-2004,Internments 1563-1900, Parish Deaths 1543-2005, Death Certs, Canadian (no death date), USA 1961-2000.





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Please note this index is a finding aid and not guaranteed one hundred percent accurate- we all make mistakes.


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