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    A census has been held every ten years since 1801, but the detailed returns, naming members of each household, did not start until 1841.  In this census exact ages were given for children under 15yrs., but adult ages were rounded down to the nearest five years. The 1841 census was taken on June 6th.  The census for 1851 gave exact ages and more details.  Be aware that people lied about, or were mistaken about, their ages, and enumerators often did not guess spelling correctly.  Many census returns are very difficult to decipher and mistakes are often made.  March 30th was the date of the 1851 census.  The 1861 census was taken on April 7th, April was again the month for the 1871 census, but this time on the second of the month and on the 3rd. of April in 1881. On the 5th of April the 1891 census took place, then in 1901 the date was 31st March & April 2nd was the date of the 1911 census.

    This workbook has all the census up to and including 1901 and includes the entries from the whole country. Census Durham has all the years up to 1901, but only for Durham County. The census in each case is arranged alphabetically by forename, except "1901 & Back", which is arranged in households.  The 1891 census for Scotland does not have many Jop(b)lin(g) entries. Scottish 1891 census More.  The 1911 census is displayed here and has been greatly expanded to show families. I did a lot of work on the 1911 census: one exercise was to provide a code to finding families in the census, by allotting a family colour & code, which also connects to my "Family Tree Maker Families".  I hope to put all the Family Tree Maker trees on here at a later date.  I compiled "Families from the 1911 census" to tie up with the other information on the 1911 census & you may want to read "How to Search the 1911 Census Workbook".

    Other countries also had a census.  There were English Jop(b)ling settlers in the USA in the 17th century and the families there are well established, but there were some entries where the person was `born in England`.  North USA Census (persons in the US census who were born in the UK).  There was also a census in Canada  Canadian Census (in households).  These can be seen in full at the Family Research Centre.

    Regardless of how the census is arranged, you can download the workbook/worksheet & carry out a search using any headings. This means you can search to find people at the same address or with the same parents or grandparents etc. You will find a lot of duplication, but if you do not find the person you are looking for in the `main` census, have a look at any other that is relevant.



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